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Case Western Reserve University - Case Career Center


Fresh out of a Master’s program in English Literature, I started my career teaching writing as an adjunct lecturer at Case Western Reserve University.  Eleven years later, I’m still at CWRU, but in a different area entirely:  career services.  I still co-teach a first seminar on Leadership to freshmen in the fall, but for the last nine years I’ve been growing as a professional within this field I feel so fortunate to have found.  Currently, I am serving as Interim Director of Post-Graduate Planning and Experiential Education, a newly formed unit that combines staff from career services, undergraduate research, pre-professional advising, and entrepreneurship.  It’s an inspiring time to lead in this field at this incredible institution and I am relishing the opportunity. I look forward to engaging more with the NACE Community as we proactively tackle the rewarding work that that both occupies and awaits us.