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    NACE's initial poll on members' response to the coronavirus epidemic is now closed; final results will be available shortly. NACE has launched a second poll, which will run through April 30. Updates on results from the poll will be available each Friday ...

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    Hello NACE Community, First, thank you for your patience over the last several months while NACE has worked with LinkedIn to address search functionality limitations on the LinkedIn platform experienced by NACE college members. To date, although LinkedIn ...

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    Hi Rick, You should reach out to Rachel Greenberg at Boston College, she led the departments reorganization to clusters a few years ago. ------------------------------ Patricia Corrigan Assistant Co-op Coordinator Northeastern University - College ...

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    In my ongoing quest to provide meaningful pro bono data and insight for the campus recruiting community these days, here's a roster of top-10 impact factors specific to interns' having accepted a full-time offer in 2019, culled from SRG's 'Internship ...

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  • Coronavirus - Share Your Resources

    We have set up a folder in the NACE Community Library specifically for resources related to the coronavirus, how it affects career services and URR operations, and how members are managing the effects. Please use the "Coronavirus Resources" folder to share your policies, ... more