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    Though a relatively small percentage of employers have revoked the offers for full-time jobs they made to Class of 2020 college graduates, the number appears to have peaked for the time being, after growing substantially since NACE asked the question ...

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    Dear colleagues, At the University of Oregon Career Center, we're thinking about how we can best support our students--especially those who have been marginalized or have been the victims of racism--during this time. How can we in Career Services be ...

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    LinkedIn added a great tool that allows users to record the pronunciation of their name:  https://youtu.be/WlVCGZFc7K4 I knew people would start using the new name audio for their personal or sales pitches. That happens to everything on LinkedIn. ...

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    Hey Jocelyn, I have been doing some research in this area too. Confirm with your WebEx Administrator that you don't have access to Webex Events. It allows for the breakout rooms but doesn't have the video capabilities. You can create rooms with Microsoft ...

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