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    Hi Everyone - We are still in the process of trying to obtain responses for FDS 2018. We've sent out emails and texts. Have you found other methods that have been helpful that increase your response rate? Thanks! ------------------------------ Linda ...

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    Hello Maggie, We have Executive-Level interest.  Most of our Executive level involvement includes Tech talks, Advisory Board's and University Conferences.  Most Executives attend local University's or Alma Mater.  I've incorporated Manager involvement ...

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    We also used Canvas and Badgr this semester to award the digital badges. They integrate well, there are some challenges in the triggering mechanism which are dependent on the how the assignments/requirements are set in Canvas but we are reviewing that ...

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    Good morning, I am working a soft skills training program. I will be using NACE's Career Readiness as my guide. I would be interested to learn of training programs that allow measurable outcomes. Any suggestions? Costing would also be ...

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    A template for a first resume for a fifth and sixth grader presentation, a PowerPoint orientation for interns, a list of transferable skills that can be learned during study abroad: if you have a document to share with your colleagues, click on the “attach” ... more