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    Something we have been doing since 2006 or so (Thanks to Jamie Belinne) is a Resume event where we bring employers and working alumni as volunteers to do quick resume reviews with students. We give the volunteers a quick "training" on our format and give ...

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    Hello Sue, I was just doing some internet research for communication topics while networking and came across this. FORD stands for safe conversation topics. Family Occupations Recreation Dreams Seems to work. ...

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    I strongly echo Trazette's comments. Employers' attempt to dictate stipends or credit to justify not paying interns in infuriating! That being said we do have a program that we are able to provide about 25-35 students with a stipend strictly for unpaid ...

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    Morning, everyone! We are investigating different options for student business cards. Moving away from the typical business card, has anyone investigated digital business cards? NFC chips? What are other career centres suggesting their students use when ...

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  • NACE Conference 2022 Call for Proposals

    Hello all, We have opened our Call for Proposals for our annual conference, and this year, we are offering two unique experiences! First, we will be hosting our annual in-person conference in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Convention Center from ... more