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    Hi there!  I would also love to have a copy of any training materials or Ashley's presentation from NACE.  This is something I really want to work on to have at least a start on in August with our Faculty!  Anything you can share would be so helpful! ...

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    Hello - A work group within the Center for Career Development (University of Connecticut) is interested in learning about the types of formalized roles that faculty have with career services, how those faculty are compensated, and from what sources (if ...

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    Hello Cheryl, I would be interested in receiving the questions and learning activities that you have used with students, too. My email is karla.rockhold@oregonstate.edu Thanks, Karla Rockhold ------------------------------ Karla Rockhold Assistant ...

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    Hi Judy,  Interested in joining this session as well! We capture data on just a small portion of those who are not doing these experiences for academic credit....mostly through social media and email outreach, and having created a template in Handshake ...

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    A template for a first resume for a fifth and sixth grader presentation, a PowerPoint orientation for interns, a list of transferable skills that can be learned during study abroad: if you have a document to share with your colleagues, click on the “attach” ... more