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    It has been brought to our attention that there is a technical problem with some posts, where one individual is able to post as another. The issue appears to be related to forwarding individual threads. We are working with our service provider to fix ...

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    NACE Colleagues, Please let me know if you are using predictive analytics to set your graduation rates for first time freshman students. And if you are, which statistical tools and models? I am also interested in knowing the factors you discovered which ...

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    Nancy, i spent a year studying best practices for structuring and aligning outcomes with a secondary goal of not increasing faculty work load. That work resulted in a successful grant outcome. We are now 3 years into our grant. Among the many things we ...

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    Tracey, thanks for sharing and listing the examples where you've seen this develop already. These two employers were in a different industry, however both were large, nation-wide firms. So, as some of you identified not having seen it yet...I do believe ...

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