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    Hi everyone, I've been trying to find resources on what many employers are experiencing with (mostly) younger employees - from going through the hiring process and not showing up to the first day of work to entitlement attitudes and unrealistic salary ...

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    Interesting to see the university perspective to this. Again, I'm in agreement with Sean on the ability to target students based on much more robust data points across the country. We saw our most diverse class of new university hires ever this past year ...

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    Our Career Development office recently worked with The Career Leadership Collective to develop a landscape analysis regarding the career culture at our institution. One of the recommendations they made was developing a Career Champions Network. We're ...

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    Hi Lisa- Mark Rhodes is an amazing and accessible resource to ask these sorts of questions.  He did a presentation at our school that was super informative and very well attended. Mark B. Rhoads, Director MRhoads@lawmh.com  ------------------------------ ...

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  • NACE Conference 2022 Call for Proposals

    Hello all, We have opened our Call for Proposals for our annual conference, and this year, we are offering two unique experiences! First, we will be hosting our annual in-person conference in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Convention Center from ... more