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    Good morning: The American College Health Association just released guidance on supporting vulnerable populations during the pandemic. You can download the free PDF from the ACHA site here . -- mimi  ------------------------------ Mimi Collins Director ...

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    The Culverhouse College of Business launched 1 hour professional development courses this semester. I am looking for sophomore and junior level textbooks recommendations to incorporate with college-specific content that is developed internally. Thanks ...

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    We do have an appeal process built into our program that allows students to explain anything that pops up. The appeal is reviewed by our in-house background check team and then we can make a final hiring decision if the manager is supportive. ...

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    Hello everyone, I hope this finds you all well, and that you are all staying safe and healthy! Our office has been recently asked to develop a new policy for our college regarding internship funding, and I would greatly appreciate any insight into ...

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