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    Hi Everyone - We are still in the process of trying to obtain responses for FDS 2018. We've sent out emails and texts. Have you found other methods that have been helpful that increase your response rate? Thanks! ------------------------------ Linda ...

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    Hi Sean, We do the same, $5k sign on bonus.  Many of these students don't have the funds to cover relocation.  Students don't normally have a lot of stuff to move, but need help in first, last and deposit for apartments.  We look at this as giving them ...

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    Hello NACE Community, Our office operates on a partner campus, separate from our main university, where the student population is mostly junior/senior level students. These students are also predominately commuter students, who tend to work during ...

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    I would be very interested in more info as well! A zoom meeting or webinar sounds like a great idea. Thanks! Shelly shelly.drouillard@utoledo.edu ------------------------------ Shelly Drouillard Director The University of Toledo ------------------ ...

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    A template for a first resume for a fifth and sixth grader presentation, a PowerPoint orientation for interns, a list of transferable skills that can be learned during study abroad: if you have a document to share with your colleagues, click on the “attach” ... more

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