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    The NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice Committee is compiling resources to assist NACE members in interpreting and applying the revised NACE Principles. Included in these efforts will be tools to help members evaluate and respond to ethical ...

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    Hafa Adai (Hello) from Guam! Recently, I was assigned to play a dual role, assist students with academic advisement (covering faculty during their breaks) and career placement. The Career Placement Center has been out of commission for over nine years ...

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    Hi Everyone - Okay, so I'm the odd person out in this discussion.   We actually don't like the students to even bring their phones into the fair.  During our required workshop we talk about what a distraction they are and we give students a place to ...

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    Hello Douglas, We are located very near you so what we charge could be relevant. We host an annual Career, Internship, Graduate & Law School Fair in October. Last October we had 125 organizations registered. The registration fees were: For-profits: ...

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    The NACE Blog—and our bloggers—are taking a short break over the holidays. We’re rerunning some of our favorite blogs over the next two weeks—blogs that have garnered a lot of attention, are perfect for the season, or are just fun. If you want to read ... more