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    The NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition is working on a Career Readiness Pilot Project ( www.CareerReadinessProject.com ) with  SkillSurvey .  The pilot project is designed measure , verify, and establish consensus around ...

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    ​Our university catalogue states:  Interns are not permitted to participate in internships with relatives activing in key roles of the organization, i.e. supervisors.  As I collect and approve internship agreements prior to the internship, I will inquire ...

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    Thanks for posting this question. Great resources! ------------------------------ Mako Miller Career Services Manager Kauffman Scholars ------------------------------

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    Hi  Maegan, We've been partnering with the athletics department for the past five years to hold an Athletes Career Fair and prep workshops. I specifically work with the Academic Success/Support Services staff within the Athletics Dept. The Athletes Career ...

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    Just a reminder about asking for input on products and services: Recently, we’ve had several threads asking for members’ opinions on specific commercial products and services. Please remember that you should provide your input privately and not discuss ... more