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    Hi all, I just met with a student who is trying to create a resume, but tells me he has no work experience at all (including summer jobs, unpaid experience, etc) and is not involved in any volunteer activities, organizations, or activities on campus. ...

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    Can you please reply to me if your school: Offers credit bearing career courses? YES Requires students to take a career course? NO - although starting in Fall will be required in Occupational Trades Offers internships and/or co-ops to some ...

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    Kristina, We are just now conducting our first survey to all of our employers. Included in the survey are questions about internship placement and wage, and recent graduate placement and wage. In addition we asked about student preparedness using NACE ...

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    Reneging on Job Offers

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    ​Does anyone have a university/office policy regarding students reneging on job offers?  If so, can you please share? ------------------------------ Amy Ware Director of Career Services Christian Brothers University ------------------------------

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