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    Hi Kelly, Recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado a few years ago. However, our university still receives federal funds and it is still illegal federally. With the help of our university counsel, we created this policy for cannabis related industries: ...

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    Hello, I was following this thread but I do not see any input. If anyone has any input, can you please respond either here or to me individually?  Thanks so much! ------------------------------ Amy Wexler Employer Relations Specialist The University ...

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    Daniel – Thanks for posting, I'm also interested to see examples from other campuses. Seeing some great examples so far! Our office produced a short animated video this fall to provide our College of Business faculty and "First Year Experience" ...

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    Greetings Colleagues,  Our (2nd) Career Fashion show is scheduled for February 2019. We had our first one earlier this year in February. My goal is to make this an annual event.  We do showcase both appropriate and inappropriate attire for interviews, ...

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