Stuck? Do you feel stuck in your current job? Try this!

By Christa Stultz posted 05-24-2019 09:34

Do you feel stuck in your current job?

What are you willing to do to change your situation?

Move? Go to college? Travel? Do you have the mental strength to change?

Do you want to make more money?

So many times I hear from people that are in supportive positions say they cannot move up or relocate to a better job. Some people flat out do not know where these jobs are so they assume they don’t exist. I had a recent conversation with a colleague about this very situation. His friend, who was a housekeeper, did not believe that she could do anything about her situation. How to move and how it can be accomplished may not be easy, but in my opinion nothing worth having is ever easy. We are going to call our housekeeper “Evelyn” for the sake of this case study. Evelyn has a CDL and it is current and not expired. Evelyn is a single mother of a few small children. Evelyn has no college background.  Evelyn would like to earn more money, she is willing to move, but is not in financial situation to relocate. Here is a bit of the conversation I had with Evelyn:

How can I help you today?

                I want to make more money. I have been working as a housekeeper in Florida for a long time and would like to move up or change industries. ~Desire to move up in the company. Currently in an area that is focused on hospitality.  Relocating to somewhere there is more opportunity to work in other industries.

Are you willing to move?

                Not at this time, I don’t have any money saved up for a move. ~Many companies offer relocation expenses for some employees.  Many of the same services, like daycare assistance, in your own community exist in other communities and are beneficial when relocating. Knowing more about the areas you would like to live, for instance the cost of living, can alleviate some fears.

Are you willing or able to attend college?

                I have small children, I am not sure that I can be successful in college. I also do not have the money or time to attend college. ~Maybe an online program, using scholarships, and grants exist.  It would be helpful to visit to the local community college to gather more information.

Can you travel? If yes what percentage of the time are you able, willing to travel?

                I do not wish to travel, due to having small children, and I would like to be home at every night with my children.  Most CDL jobs require overnight travel. ~Seek a CDL position that does not require overnight travel, similar to FEDEX, UPS, or other local couriers.

We have covered some vital spots in Evelyn’s desires, and possible solutions to her situation. Places Evelyn can go for support are local community college for more information, local employment office, and the library to research companies and standard of living in areas she would be willing to relocate if she did have the funds.  Desire to do change accompanied with the willingness to do something about your situation is all that is needed to make a change.