Changes to NACE Blog

By Anthony Fioriglio posted 08-24-2021 08:00


In the coming weeks, the NACE Blog will be removed from the NACE Community and in its place, we will be launching a new section called Member Voices on NACEWeb.

The decision to transition the NACE Blog to the NACE website and retitle it is a direct result of the incredibly high caliber of submissions that we have received from our contributors. We want to give those voices more visibility and a larger platform to share their insights, while giving their contributions a more polished look than is possible on the current platform.

Because of the transition, this will be the final post for the current NACE Blog. However, prior to the official launch of Member Voices, we will be moving many recent blog submissions to the NACEWeb.

Finally, we would like to invite and encourage you to contribute to Member Voices: Share your thoughts, insights, and experiences on professionalism, authenticity, diversity, the value of career services and recruiting, where the profession is headed, and more. What you have to say matters: Contact Tony Fioriglio to discuss your interest and learn more about how to contribute.