Ms. Jennifer Flynn-McKevitt

Louisiana State University in Shreveport

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Louisiana State University in Shreveport


Career Services Director | 14 years of success connecting the college educated to the world of work

I am an award-winning career services professional working to connect students and employers. When working with students, I empower them to research industry needs, to connect the value of their academic knowledge to the world of work, and to implement proactive internship and job-searching strategies that work in today’s economic climate. My strengths lie in teaching professional development and career readiness skills. I strive to create stronger connections between university campuses and the world of work by nurturing relationships with key administrators, faculty, alumni, and employer stakeholders. Underpinning all of these efforts, I rely on researching national trends, using best practices, and implementing current legal/ethical guidelines surrounding internship programs and entry-level hiring of the college educated.

I have worked at a variety of institutions -- small and mid-sized, public and private -- and in my current role of Director of Career Services at LSU Shreveport, I supervise two staff members. Together, we execute all career services office functions for an institution that serves over 8,000 students.


Winner of the 2013 NACE Innovation Excellence Award in the category of Student Engagement - Small College.

[email me] - flynnjl [at] gmail [dot] com