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University of Nebraska - Lincoln - Career Services


Business and higher education professional with experience concentrated in business management, marketing, media, communications, and customer service, supported by an education in business and a background diversified by work in education and hospitality. Exhibits leadership qualities backed by a consistent, verifiable record of achievement.

Highly level of personal responsibility and accountability. Excels in project ownership and leadership roles. Decisive and deliberative, allowing work on projects to be proactive successes and retrospective learning experiences. Works well in teams on projects, and driven by an urge to both achieve and solve problems as they arise. Collaborative in spirit and self-starting/entrepreneurial in thinking.

Strengths include: public speaking, task-drive, problem-solving, adaptability, responsibility, accountability, project management, marketing, social media, advertising, customer service, business administration, organization, self-motivation, leadership, creativity, professionalism, decisiveness