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(Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

  • 1.  (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    Hi All! I am trying to learn more about how other Career Centers promote their events to students via mass email. I have noticed that our office sends many mass emails and am wondering if there is a better, more strategic method being used by others. Our office operates out of a liaison model, so each consultant has a specific school or college they serve and are responsible to engage/inform. With this model, it becomes easy for many mass emails to be sent about one event and students are noticing. We have received student feedback stating that they feel overwhelmed by the number of emails coming from our office on a weekly basis. I am wondering if other centers modeled similar to ours face this challenge and, if so, what are you doing to either streamline or improve your electronic communication without sacrificing student attendance? Do you have a communications plan in place for mass emailing? I am sure there is not an easy answer to this question, but would like to hear your thoughts! Thank you!

    Maggie O'Brien
    Career Consultant
    The University of Georgia - Career Center

  • 2.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    We use multiple methods to promote events for our department, but we are centralized and have one person who is responsible for promotions and marketing. That person is me.

    We felt like our department was sending out way too many emails, too.  Students have told us that they don't appreciate excessive emails.  So we decided to have one weekly, mass email that goes out to students on Sunday evenings at 5pm. It essentially says 'this week in Career Services' and contains links to our events in Handshake and our website. I try to make it entertaining though, so students look forward to reading it.

    Additionally, we have a marketing menu for all of our events. I work with event coordinators to determine what kind of marketing to use for each event. Our options includes large print banners that are displayed across campus, small handout cards with a list of related events, social media posts, table pamphlets for dinning areas, posters, articles for the university's student news brief, electronic slides that run on information screens around campus, etc.

    Hope that helps!

    Jen Wall
    Communications Manager
    Career Services
    Michigan Technological University

  • 3.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    Hi Everyone,

    Our office is having a similar problem with students receiving too many emails so we are considering moving toward a more "newsletter" style model. I am curious if anyone can share how they manage their newsletter. Do you use a service such as ConstantContact, or have you developed an in-house newsletter that you send via your career management platform/email? We are just looking to benchmark best practices at other institutions for now, and to hopefully discover some ideas that we haven't yet considered. Any insight you can provide will be appreciated!

    Emily Tasca
    Assistant Director of Career Development
    Nova Southeastern University

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    Our office is part of the Division of Student Success, which includes Academic Advising and Retention, so between all our offices we have a lot of important content to send to students. Our division has an account manager in the University Communications and Marketing office that is dedicated to our projects (advertising, website, email communications, etc.).  He manages and oversees all communication, and utilizes Trello as a project management tool.We streamlined our campus wide announcements to an every other week newsletter (see example).  We include short blurbs with a call-to-action button that leads to a blog article, event registration site, or other webpage.  This newsletter is sent via CustomerIO. We implemented this last year and have seen open rates and clicks increase as we have honed our format, style and content.

    We also will send segmented communication to specific audiences on an as-needed basis for events or unique internship/job opportunities through CustomerIO or Handshake, but try to limit mass email communication across our division to one per week.  These targeted emails will come from a specific person in our office that students likely know, either the Career Specialist or the Peer Internship Ambassador for their major.  We have found that these one-off emails are best when the opportunity is timely, "not-to-be-missed", and unique to their interests.

    Hope this helps!

    Tiffany Lee
    Director of Career Development and Success
    Biola University

  • 5.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    We use Mailchimp to do a monthly newsletter. Once a semester we'll also do a "special edition" newsletter that focuses on career fair preparation or how to utilize the summer for career preparation. I would be happy to send you some past newsletters if you are interested in seeing what we do! Please email me at


    Luke Gorham
    Career Services Coordinator
    University of Missouri - School of Health Professions

  • 6.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    We also found our students were being bombarded by emails--and when that was multiplied over all the different departments, students were really getting annoyed.  About a year ago, our Outreach Team implemented a schedule of newsletters (and we have our CSM set so only a few people in the office have the ability to mass email students), along with a tiered system of the types of events that we have and what types of campus promotion those types of events will receive. Our Career and Internship Advisors (who are college specialists) are provided a schedule at the beginning of each semester and they are able to provide input into content.  But only the Outreach Team can send the emails and special editions have to be cleared.

    Luca Giardino, our Assistant Director of Marketing can provide details on the strategy (, but I can also tell you that cutting back on the number of emails has definitely increased our readership.  Students even comment how we are one of the few offices on campus they no longer mind hearing from because we are very strategic with how and when emails are sent.

    Lori Trahan, PhD, BCC
    Associate Director
    Dept. of Career Planning and Development
    Kennesaw State University
    Kennesaw, GA
    (470) 578-6555

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    We had gotten the same feedback from students. 
    So now we only send on weekly email on Friday's announcing our upcoming schedules and events. 

    We do still send targeted emails to students who fit employer on-campus interview schedules however. 

    We are conscious about making sure we are not sending emails about every little thing. If we can post job postings, upcoming events, off-campus employer events, etc. we opt for posting on social media instead. 

    We also are intentional about using engaging subjects and personalization in all of our emails so that students read them. 

    Hope this helps. 

    Chrissy Lambie, MSE, GCDF
    (Strategic * Maximizer * Relator * Arranger * Activator)
    Marketing Manager & Nursing/ACCEL Career Advisor
    Women's Soccer Team Fellow
    UW Oshkosh Career Services
    Student Success Center 125
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    920.424.2044 Direct Line

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    Every hospital nursing job across the one place. 

  • 8.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    The Career Success Center at Western CT State University implemented a bi-weekly one page "Success Express" via our engagement platform (WESTCONN Works/Purple Briefcase software) that is customized to each school, so it focuses on hot jobs and tips that are most relevant to those schools.  We've integrated our branding message of "Discover, Experience, Create and Activate" in a pre-formatted and colorful "note" and give the students options/ideas/opportunities within each of those calls to action.  The students do appreciate the more limited communication; we do occasionally send other hot emails targeted to very specific populations, but we do try to keep those to a minimum.  Our email opening rate for the Success Express is roughly 40-50%.

    Kathleen Lindenmayer
    Director, Career Success Center
    Western Connecticut State University

  • 9.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    Posted 03-28-2018 12:51
    Edited by Rachel Walden 04-05-2018 11:22

    Over the past year, we have moved from sending mass e-mails with general information to all of our students, to sending Weekly Career Cluster Newsletters with relevant information for students in each cluster (I got this idea from @Leslie Poynter with UT Knoxville). We send the newsletters on Fridays and include upcoming programs and events, spotlight job and internship opportunities posted in Handshake and a career development tip of the week. We use Emma for our campaigns because I prefer the look to Handshake's e-mails. Our open rates are strong (8.6 average out of 10) and we have received positive feedback from students.

    My Social Media Intern and I use a Social Media & Marketing Calendar (I got this idea from @Sally Perez-Ramos with St. Edward's University) to streamline all of our communication and marketing efforts, and it is shared with our team members as well. ​We use the calendar to plan out communication to students/alumni, faculty/staff and employers.

    Happy to share examples of these - please e-mail me directly at if interested.

    Warm regards,​

    Rachel Walden
    Assistant Director, Office of Career & Professional Development
    Belmont University
    2017-2018 President, Tennessee Association of Colleges and Employers

  • 10.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    I would love to see what your Social Media & Marketing Calendar looks like.  If you can email me an example that would be great!
    We currently use a combination of calendars/excel spreadsheets to track things but would like to improve this next year.

    Heather Rogers

    Administrative Support Assistant, Career Services

    Academic and Career Planning Center

    follow us @BehrendACPC

    Penn State Behrend

    125 Reed Union Building

    Erie, PA  16563

    814-898-6260 |

  • 11.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    We have actually seen a decrease in students viewing emails and are looking at other methods of reaching students.   I am reading that this generation (generation Z) is using Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.   I manage our email campaigns in addition to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn posts, but can't wrap my head around Snapchat yet.   Is anyone using it yet and if so, how and what are you doing to reach students?

    Diane Smith
    Marketing Specialist
    Eastern Illinois University

  • 12.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    USF (University of South Florida) Career Services has been using snapchat for a while now. I remember watching a webinar by Peter Thorsett (their Communications & Marketing Officer) about how their office uses snapchat for student engagement & event marketing sometime last year. Not sure if it was through NACE or another resource. You can take a look at their twitter (USF Career Services (@USFCareerServ) | Twitter) to get an idea of their strategy.

    Sophia Peña
    Coordinator, Career Events and Employer Relations
    University of Houston - Clear Lake

  • 13.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    Thanks!  I will check it out!

    Diane Smith
    Marketing Specialist
    Eastern Illinois University

  • 14.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    Posted 04-03-2018 14:00
    Edited by Kelsey Johnson 04-03-2018 14:01
    Hi Rachel,

    I'd love to see a copy of one of your cluster emails, if possible! If you need my email, it's Did you have students opt into these newsletter or were they automatically opted in?

    Kelsey Johnson
    Career Counselor
    Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

  • 15.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    Posted 04-05-2018 08:46
    Edited by Renee Couperthwaite 04-05-2018 09:42
    Hi Jennifer, Chrissy, and Rachel,

    I too am interested to see a copy of the weekly newsletter that your office puts out.  I find that we send a lot of emails to students and think it would be a good idea to streamline.  My email address is  Thanks!

    Renee Couperthwaite
    Employer Relations Coordinator
    Florida Institute of Technology

  • 16.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    This was a great challenge that I think we all tackle.  I thoroughly enjoyed following the thread each morning.  Here at Rutgers University, this is something that our new Associate Director for Strategic Outreach position (by the way, the deadline to apply is April 26 - will need to examine.  Our former associate was promoted to a director position at the divisional level.

    In the past, we experimented with creating an email schedule, added questions to the student profile within Symplicity to allow students to subscribe to certain types of email notifications, and also looked at a weekly digest-type of email.  As we switch over to Handshake, we are certainly interested in tracking engagement based on the mobile app's push notifications which we hope will allow us to cut back on emails.

    William Jones
    Senior Director
    Rutgers University - New Brunswick

  • 17.  RE: (Over)Using Electronic Communication to Promote Career Center Events

    Thank you all for your helpful tips and examples! I will be sharing this within my office and plan to reach out to some individually to learn more.

    Happy Friday!

    Maggie O'Brien
    Career Consultant
    The University of Georgia - Career Center