June 15 - 26: Address your new-world challenges head-on with more than 25 content sessions and a range of complimentary events. Registration opens soon!
  • Meet Up With Shawn - Members Only

    EXCLUSIVE TO NACE MEMBERS (FREE) - SCHOOL SELECTION: Be sure to sign up for the June 1 Meet Up With Shawn. School selection and how that is being impacted by the pandemic is the topic of this 30-minute virtual meet up. NACE Executive Director Shawn VanDerziel will also share real-time data from NACE's May quick poll, which is delving into operations, including staffing and budgets.
    June 1 - School Selection
  • Coronavirus - Share Your Resources

    We have set up a folder in the NACE Community Library specifically for resources related to the coronavirus, how it affects career services and URR operations, and how members are managing the effects. Please use the "Coronavirus Resources" folder to share your policies, messaging, and other materials with your colleagues. (Need help sharing your resources? Contact Claudia Allen (