• NACE Game Changers: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

    In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Doris Alcivar, Luis Amaro, and Lynette Correa-Velez—co-leads of the Hispanic Serving Institutions Affinity Group—will share their personal game-changing experiences and what those have meant for their personal and professional lives. September 21, Noon (Eastern). Free to NACE members: Register here.

  • NACE Blog Submissions

    Hello all,

    As we are near the end of the fiscal year, I wanted to remind everyone that we are always looking for submissions for NACE Blog! This opportunity is open to all NACE members, and submissions can be on any topic you think may be interesting or helpful to your fellow NACE members. There is no set length requirement, so your Blog post could be as short as a few hundred words or as long as 1,500 or more. 

    If you have any questions about the NACE Blog or would like you pitch an idea, please email me at and I'd be happy to help any way I can. 

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!
  • Legal Issues: Vaccine Mandate

    The COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: Five Questions

    Ed Easterly, Esq., addresses five common questions about vaccine mandates, including whether applicants can be asked about their vaccine status in interviews.

    Read more in the NACE Journal.

  • NACE Community - Maintenance

    Just a heads up: The NACE Community platform is undergoing maintenance beginning at 11 p.m. (ET) on May 21 through 3 a.m. (ET) on May 22.
  • Career Readiness Support Materials

    Heads up! You'll find support materials to use with students, interns, partners, and others on NACEWeb. Materials include a PPT that you can customize, a handout, a printable poster, and a set of icons you can use on your site or in your communications.
  • Adding Personal Pronouns to Your Discussion Signature

    You can now modify the signature that you use in the NACE Community to include personal pronouns, if you wish. 

    This is optional, but if you would like to include them, follow these steps:

    1. Go to your NACE profile ( ). Under the "Diversity" portion of your profile, you'll see an option to designate personal pronouns. Be sure to click "Submit" to register your designation. (Thanks to the 2018 Diversity Committee for developing the options!)
    2. The next step is to go to the NACE Community and access your profile (top righthand side).
    3. In your profile, click on My Account >Discussion Signature (direct link is ). The fields included in your default signature appear on the left; you can add from the list of variables on the right – click on "pronoun" and it will be added to your signature. Be sure to save.