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    A template for a first resume for a fifth and sixth grader presentation, a PowerPoint orientation for interns, a list of transferable skills that can be learned during study abroad: if you have a document to share with your colleagues, click on the “attach” button at the end of your message and share it with everyone reading the thread!
  • Look to the Library for Answers

    Looking for a syllabus? A rubric for resumes? A recruiting timeline? Information on setting up an internship program? A career check list by year? The NACE Community Library probably has what you're looking for!
  • A Question Looking for an Answer

    What is your office policy on students ghosting employers—for interview appointments or for reporting for work at an internship?
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  • What’s New for NACE Members

    ***New in the Community Library
    Employer Evaluation of On-Campus Interviews

    Student Mentee Profile Sheet
    Library>Career development

    ***Questions Looking for Answers

    On-Campus Interviews, Final-Round Interviews: What does your interview process look like?

  • What’s New for NACE Members

    ***Questions Looking for Answers in the Community 

    How Do You Pay for Your Interns’ Housing?

    Share Your Employer Brochure With Your Peers

    ***NACE Blog 

    Come Talk About Your Career Studio This Friday! 

     ***Looking for People With a Story to Tell!
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  • What’s New for NACE Members

    ***Questions Looking for Answers in the Community

    Job Postings From Alumni, Parents, and Other VIPs

    Best Practices for Student Engagement

    On-the-Spot Assessment

    ***NACE Blog
    Success by Default

    ***Looking for People With a Story to Tell
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  • What’s New for NACE Members

    ***Questions Looking for Answers in the Community

    Should a Company Name be added to Transcripts (for Internships/Co-ops)?

    Learning Goals for a Master’s Career Course

    What Percentage of Students Graduate in May vs. December?

    ***NACE Blog

    A Plea to Dictionary Officials: Retire the Use of “Networking”

    ***Looking for People With a Story to Tell
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  • What’s New for NACE Members

    ***Questions Looking for Answers in the Community

    Is Student Attendance at Career Fairs Down?

    Job Description Needed: Career Readiness Curriculum Designer/Educator

    ***NACE Blog
    Mastering the Art of Adaptation With an Internship Abroad 

    ***Looking for People With a Story to Tell
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  • What’s New for NACE Members

  • What’s New for NACE Members

    ***Questions Looking for Answers in the Community
    Can you map the career competencies to majors or classes? 

    How do you handle cannabis employers? 

    What is your policy for virtual on-campus interviews? 

    ***New in Spotlight
    CEO of the National Urban League says diversity is a values-based business imperative.  

    ***Current Research on Internships 

    ***Calling for Nominations: The 2018-19 NACE Sourcing and Nominating Committee is looking for future leaders for the NACE Board of Directors. Review the requirements and responsibilities of a NACE director, and find nomination and self-nomination forms on NACEWeb. Deadline for submitting a nomination is October 22. 

    ***Free Podcasts
    Developing Career-Minded Freshmen 

    Virtual Recruiting—Reaching Digital Natives 

    ***Free Webinar - First Destinations: Class of 2017: How are new college graduates doing in their careers six months after graduation? Learn outcomes for all degree levels and get trends data. October 16. Online, free to NACE members.
  • Don’t Miss the Deadline

    The deadline for proposals for #NACE19 is 5 p.m. (ET), Friday, September 28. Join your colleagues in offering best practices and expertise on cutting-edge topics. Submit your proposal today.
  • Your Input on Products and Services

    Just a reminder about asking for input on products and services: Recently, we’ve had several threads asking for members’ opinions on specific commercial products and services. Please remember that you should provide your input privately and not discuss specific commercial products and services with the community as a whole. (Also, you should contact people directly with product and service information ONLY in response to a request for information; please do not provide unsolicited advice or information.)

    If you see a request for information about a specific product, service, or vendor, you can easily contact the member asking the question. Click on the name under the member’s picture at the left side of the message. You’ll go to that person’s profile. There, you will click on the orange box with the three white dots in it to send a message.
  • How to Become a NACE Blogger

    Do you have a story to tell? Can you offer a personal perspective on handling students who don’t show up for appointments? How did you set up a successful internship program? Do you have a best practice to share about advising nontraditional students, veterans, or students with a disability? What’s important to you about a diverse corporate culture? How do you help a liberal arts graduate find a job in a STEM environment? Are career fairs worth your time?

    Share your experience and point of view as a NACE blog team member.

    NACE bloggers write about topics and trends that are important to career services and recruiting professionals, covering everything from “your application doesn’t go into a black hole” to “programming and resources for LGBT students” and “how to counsel a student that it’s ok to turn down a job offer.” (Please note: Blogs cannot be promotional in nature and should not focus on a specific commerical product/service. In addition, NACE does not consider blogs that have been published elsewhere.)

    Blogs that are written based on an experience or anecdote tend to be the most engaging and well read. Tips and how-to blogs are welcome. Read some of the NACE blogs to get a feel for the wide variety of topics and writing styles.

    Blogs average 500 to 1,500 words. Many bloggers contribute a blog once every two months, but frequency is flexible. (Please note: You must be a NACE member to write for the NACE Blog. In addition, we ask that you complete your NACE Community profile, including a short bio and your picture, to introduce yourself to your readers, who will be able to connect and network with you by clicking on your blog’s byline.)

    Bloggers submit their blogs by e-mail to Claudia Allen [] and are notified when a publication date is set. When they are published, blogs are tweeted on the NACEOrg Twitter page, and a link to the blog is added to the NACE Facebook page.

    Now is a great time to join the NACE blog team and share your experience through a personal/professional story.

    If you’re interested in blogging, please contact Claudia Allen at
  • Join the Career Studio Experts on Their Next Conference Call

    Don't miss Kelly Dorner's blog about Career Studio! She highlights tips and lessons from the first two conference calls and invites anyone interested to join the next call on Tuesday, July 24.
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    Now is the perfect time to complete your profile in the NACE Community! Tell NACE members who you are and where you are located, and offer a biographical background.

    Here’s how:

    At the top right corner of the community home page, you’ll see your picture (if you’ve added a photo) or a blank image (you can add a photo/picture through your profile) and a down arrow. Click on the arrow and choose “Profile.”

    Your name will be displayed across the top of the profile page. Your title will appear under your name. Information from the NACE directory will populate a portion of the area under “Contact Details” in the left-hand side of the page.

    Use the “Actions” button on the left side of the page to add or update your picture.

    Use the other “Add” buttons to note your education and job history. You also can add your bio and your social media links.

    Click on “My Connections” and you can request contact with other NACE members.

    Start networking today within the NACE Community.
  • Rethinking Information Sessions Conference Call

    This informal discussion, led by Robin Marks, will be held on MAY 21ST at 1 p.m. EST. 

    NACE has provided a line and dial-in instructions:  605/472-5458, access: 506265.
  • Find Samples in the Library

    Don’t reinvent the wheel: Tap into the collective wisdom of your fellow members, many of whom have shared their resources through the NACE Community Library.

    Library resources are organized in folders that are classified by topic.

     If you would like to share your resources and add a document to the library, you can choose a folder for your information. After you’ve uploaded your document, you’ll be asked which folder the information should be included in. Choose the appropriate folder from the drop-down list. (Not sure? Leave your document in the NACE Community folder; we’ll classify it for you.)