• Don't Miss the Best of the NACE Blog

    The NACE Blog—and our bloggers—are taking a short break over the holidays. We’re rerunning some of our favorite blogs over the next two weeks—blogs that have garnered a lot of attention, are perfect for the season, or are just fun.

    If you want to read ahead, here are the blogs we’ll be tweeting:

    The Sum of Our Experiences: The Value of Hiring Military Spouses

    The Dreaded LinkedIn Summary   

    When a Student Reneges on a Job Offer: An Employer’s Perspective 

    Are Career Fairs Still Worth It?   

    Supporting First-Generation College Students   

    Building Burritos   

    Your Application Does Not Go Into a Black Hole   

    Getting Ready for the Spring Job Market   

    Educating Students About Professional Dress  

    Continuing the Conversation about Inclusive Professional Dress Expectations 

    STEM Recruiting: The Employer’s View  

    Competencies Are the Rosetta Stone for Recruiters, Students  

    Hybrid Career Fair  

    Building the Stairway to Internship Success  

    5 Tips for the First Day of Your Internship 

    That's Why I Gave My 4-Year-Old Son an Internship  

    The Art of Delivering Career Counseling/Advising Virtually 

    Come back in January for new blogs written by your NACE member colleagues. They will include: "How I Missed Out on an HBCU," "Things to Consider Before Moving to Hollywood," and "3 Things I Wish I Had Known as a Career Counselor."

    If you're a NACE member and would like to join the blog team, e-mail me, Claudia Allen, at