• Rethinking Information Sessions Conference Call

    This informal discussion, led by Robin Marks, will be held on MAY 21ST at 1 p.m. EST. 

    NACE has provided a line and dial-in instructions:  605/472-5458, access: 506265.
  • Find Samples in the Library

    Don’t reinvent the wheel: Tap into the collective wisdom of your fellow members, many of whom have shared their resources through the NACE Community Library.

    Library resources are organized in folders that are classified by topic.

     If you would like to share your resources and add a document to the library, you can choose a folder for your information. After you’ve uploaded your document, you’ll be asked which folder the information should be included in. Choose the appropriate folder from the drop-down list. (Not sure? Leave your document in the NACE Community folder; we’ll classify it for you.)
  • Your Input Needed – Affinity Groups

    Please help us identify affinity groups for networking events at NACE18. These groups are built around personal and professional identity, and we’re hoping to offer 10 to 15 groups.

    Use our online polls to tell us which group(s) you’re interested in networking with:

    Career Services 

    University Relations and Recruiting

    Polls close March 26.
  • Don't Miss the Best of the NACE Blog

    The NACE Blog—and our bloggers—are taking a short break over the holidays. We’re rerunning some of our favorite blogs over the next two weeks—blogs that have garnered a lot of attention, are perfect for the season, or are just fun.

    If you want to read ahead, here are the blogs we’ll be tweeting:

    The Sum of Our Experiences: The Value of Hiring Military Spouses

    The Dreaded LinkedIn Summary   

    When a Student Reneges on a Job Offer: An Employer’s Perspective 

    Are Career Fairs Still Worth It?   

    Supporting First-Generation College Students   

    Building Burritos   

    Your Application Does Not Go Into a Black Hole   

    Getting Ready for the Spring Job Market   

    Educating Students About Professional Dress  

    Continuing the Conversation about Inclusive Professional Dress Expectations 

    STEM Recruiting: The Employer’s View  

    Competencies Are the Rosetta Stone for Recruiters, Students  

    Hybrid Career Fair  

    Building the Stairway to Internship Success  

    5 Tips for the First Day of Your Internship 

    That's Why I Gave My 4-Year-Old Son an Internship  

    The Art of Delivering Career Counseling/Advising Virtually 

    Come back in January for new blogs written by your NACE member colleagues. They will include: "How I Missed Out on an HBCU," "Things to Consider Before Moving to Hollywood," and "3 Things I Wish I Had Known as a Career Counselor."

    If you're a NACE member and would like to join the blog team, e-mail me, Claudia Allen, at
  • Need Information on Internships? We Have a Folder for That

    If you look in the library today, you’ll find new way to locate documents that have been shared by NACE Community members. It’s the folder view. Files going into the library are classified by topic.

    This means, rather than a long laundry list of documents uploaded by NACE Community members, you can quickly find subject materials by looking in a topic folder. There are 19 folders now in the library.

    This means, when you want information on internships, click on the internship/co-ops folder. The internship folder contains internship handbooks, information and forms for externships, details on job shadowing, and much more on experiential learning.

    The main “NACE Community” folder contains files that haven’t been classified yet (but I’m working on it).

    If you add a document to the library, you can choose a folder for your information. After you’ve uploaded your document, you’ll be asked which folder the information should be included in. Choose the appropriate folder from the drop-down list.

    If you aren’t sure which folder to choose, leave your document in the NACE Community folder and I’ll classify it as soon as possible.

    Thanks so much to NACE Community members for your generosity in sharing your information and materials!

  • The NACE Blog Has a New Home

    The NACE Blog has a new home. It’s right here in the NACE Community.

    Click on “Browse” and then choose NACE Blog.

    The NACE Blog features your colleagues writing about their thoughts on work, life, and personal and professional development.

    While the NACE Community is restricted to NACE members only, the NACE Blog is open to everyone.

    Feel free to “recommend” the blog (click on “recommend” in the upper right corner of the blog). Add your comments and questions at the bottom of the blog.

    If you’re a NACE member and you’re interested in becoming a blogger, contact Claudia Allen,
  • Have a Document to Share? Add it to the Library

    If you follow many of the threads within the NACE Community, you’ll see that members share resources and information openly.

    However, rather than e-mail your manual, rubric, or template on request to each of the posters in your discussion, you can add your resource to the Community Library where everyone can pick up a copy.

    It’s easy:

    Under "Browse" in the upper navigation bar, you'll find direct links to the list of discussion threads. You'll also find a link to "Library Entries."

    This is where you can or upload a resource you find valuable that you want to share.

    To upload a resource, click on the "Create New Library Entry" button. Give your entry a title and then choose what type of file you're uploading. (Please do not upload copyrighted files unless you own the copyright.)

    At the next screen, you'll upload your file. Then you'll decide how the upload is available for use (beyond personal use). If you grant a Creative Commons license, you'll decide whether the upload can be altered in any way.

    Then, click on "Next" and give your upload a descriptive title and a description. Click “finish.”

    To download a resource, find the resource you want and click on the “download” button next to the item.